New poll shows Florida Gov. DeSantis clearly defeating all Democratic candidates in re-election bid

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has emerged as a rising star and top contender to lead the Republican Party on the national level in the years to come, and as such as targeted and attacked as a clear threat by his Democratic opponents in politics and the media.

Unfortunately for the three Democratic candidates seeking to replace DeSantis as governor in November, a recent poll of Florida voters suggested that he will cruise to re-election with a large margin of victory against each of those three major candidates, Breitbart reported.

The poll contained other bad news for Democrats about DeSantis as well, such as his strong job approval, his clear position as a favorite to win his party’s presidential nomination in 2024, and majority support for his position protecting parental rights in terms of the state’s educational curriculum.

Poll suggests DeSantis would easily win re-election

The poll in reference was conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute between February 28-March 12 and surveyed 1,000 likely voters nationwide as well as an additional 500 likely voters in Florida alone, with margins of error of 3 percent and 4.5 percent, respectively.

Concerning Florida’s upcoming gubernatorial contest, the pollsters matched up Gov. DeSantis with the top three leading Democratic candidates — former governor and current U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, and state Sen. Annette Taddeo.

Against Crist, DeSantis would win by a margin of 16 points, 49-33 percent. Versus Fried, DeSantis was again victorious, this time by a margin of 24 points, or 51-27 percent, while in a matchup facing Taddeo, the incumbent governor would remain by a margin of 19 points, 49-30 percent.

It should be pointed out, however, that there remained a sizeable chunk of “undecided” voters in each of those hypothetical contests that were, on average, about one-fifth of those polled.

Strong job approval and solid support for a potential presidential run

As noted, Democrats and their media allies will likely be displeased by other information about Gov. DeSantis contained in that poll, such as the fact that his current job approval rating among Florida’s likely voters stands at 58.8 percent — interestingly enough, the same measure of approval the governor received for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years.

Concerning his efforts to protect the right of parents to be involved in their children’s education, 87 percent of Florida voters agreed that parents have a right to see the curriculum being taught to their children and that school systems more generally should be open and transparent about the curriculum they are teaching to young students.

With an eye toward 2024, the pollsters also measured the current support for several likely or potential candidates for the GOP presidential nomination, both with and without former President Donald Trump in the mix.

In a Republican primary that includes Trump, DeSantis came in second with 32 percent nationally and 56 percent in Florida. In a primary contest without Trump, however, DeSantis ranked first with 33 percent support nationwide and double that, 66 percent, among Florida voters.

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