Poll: Biden's pressure campaign on Israel backfiring with voters

 March 27, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new poll reveals Joe Biden's pressure campaign on Israel – to give up on its pledge to destroy Hamas and make sure that terror threat does not reappear in the near future – is backfiring on Biden.

Israel has pursued, militarily, Hamas ever since last Oct. 7 when the terror group invaded Israel and killed some 1,200 civilians, often in brutal butchery that included beheading babies and burning whole families alive.

Biden, while originally pledging support for America's longtime Middle East ally, recently has been putting pressure on Israel to let the terrorism go.

The new polling by RMG Research, founded by Scott Rasmussen, was produced in partnership with Gideon300, a public affairs agency.

"This data reveals that voters are squarely opposed to any proposal that would force Israel to make a deal with terrorists, or those who support terror," said Matthew Faraci, president of Gideon300.

"At the beginning of this survey, a slim majority favored the U.S. brokering a deal involving the Palestinian Authority. However, after learning about the PA's alignment with Hamas, voters dramatically switched their opinion, and – in the end – a strong majority across all parties opposed such a deal. "

The polling revealed the biggest seismic shift was among Democrats. Their opinion changed a "stunning" 30 points.

Significant changes also registered among independents and Republicans.

"Elected representatives in both parties should look past the noise and pay close attention to data revealing where the public is on this issue," the poll report said.

The survey included 1,000 general election voters has an accuracy of +/- 3.1% at a 95% confidence interval.

It reports that initially, 55% of American voters favored encouraging Israel to reach a deal with the terrorists, including 27% who strongly favored it.

That, however, plunged when voters learned the Palestinian Authority wanted to form a unity government with the terrorists in Hamas, including giving cabinet positions to those terrorists.

At that point, only 10% strongly favored pressuring Israel to make a deal, and only 30% had any sort of favor for that idea.

It revealed that a majority now say the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are part of the same terror cartel, given the PA's expressed desire to include terrorists in a unity government.

The Democrats, exhibiting the biggest flip-flop went from 73% pushing Israel for a peace deal with the terrorists to 47%.

Support among independents dropped from 47% to 28% and among Republicans, the support dropped from 38% to 19%.

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