Recent poll suggests Biden’s lead over Sanders is shrinking

Some in the media seem to think the Democratic primary process is already over, and former Vice President Joe Biden should be declared the victor over his only real remaining competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

But while Biden has been racking up the delegates from a series of primary election victories and holds a lead over Sanders in most polls, one survey shared by Breitbart suggests that Democrats may want to hold off on Biden’s coronation ceremony — at least for the moment.

Biden’s lead collapsing?

The latest poll released by Reuters/Ipsos asked respondents how they would vote for in the Democratic primary if their respective state’s election were held today.

Among registered Democrat voters, Biden prevailed over Sanders by a margin of nine points, 48% to 39%.

Biden also enjoyed an 11-point margin with independent voters — winning 25% to Sanders’ 14% — and a 10-point margin — 43% to Sanders’ 33% — among all registered voters, regardless of party affiliation.

But as Breitbart noted, that lead on Biden’s part has collapsed considerably in just a week.

He’s falling fast

According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden currently has a cumulative 20.9-point lead over Sanders when all surveys are combined.

That is almost exactly the same margin that Biden held over Sanders in the Reuters/Ipsos poll just one week prior; he sat at 54% percent among Democratic voters, while Sanders had 33%.

Interestingly, in early March, Biden had just a 13-point lead over Sanders in that same poll. Sanders, for his part, had an 11-point lead over Biden in the poll in late February, prior to Biden’s sudden resurgence as a candidate in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday.

Those numbers could suggest that, far from running away with the nomination, Biden may well have already peaked in his run and could still be surpassed by Sanders before all is said and done at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Keep an eye out

Of course, the Reuters/Ipsos survey appears to be something of an outlier, as the other polls tend to show that Biden is still increasing his lead over Sanders.

That said, anything can change between now and the summer. It will be interesting to see if the other polls begin to show a similar collapse in Biden’s support.

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