New poll shows majority of Americans say Biden is too old and mentally unfit to serve as president

There have been questions and concerns about President Joe Biden’s age as well as his physical and mental health since before the 2020 election, and those have only increased in the two years that have elapsed since he took office, including among his fellow Democrats.

A recent poll showed that nearly 60 percent of Americans have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness for office while 65 percent believe he is too old to be president, with roughly a quarter and a third, respectively, of Democrats in agreement, Breitbart reported.

Those figures have worsened for Biden since the pollsters last asked about his age and mental fitness in a December survey.

Biden is too old, not mentally fit

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll surveyed 2,050 registered voters between Jan. 18-19 about several different topics, including President Biden’s age and mental fitness.

Asked if Biden is mentally fit to serve as president, 41 percent said he is, down from 42 percent in December, while 59 percent have doubts. Of those who doubt Biden’s mental fitness, that includes 24 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of independents, and 87 percent of Republicans.

The pollsters also asked if Biden was too old to be president and found that 65 percent said he was too old, up from 63 percent last month, while 35 percent thought his age wasn’t an issue. Those who believe that Biden is too old include 36 percent of Democrats, 73 percent of independents, and 90 percent of Republicans.

White House quietly concerned about age and mental health issues

Interestingly enough, The Washington Post reported in November 2022 that White House aides were secretly quite concerned about their own internal polling of the American people which found that President Biden’s age — he turned 80 that month — and mental fitness were among the top concerns that people had.

That had Biden’s aides and staffers quietly scrambling to craft strategies to alleviate or simply sidestep those concerns ahead of an anticipated run for a second term in office in 2024.

To be sure, Biden’s age and mental health will certainly be factors if he does choose to run again, but that may actually be among the least of his concerns per a host of other bad news for the president in the recent Harvard/Harris poll.

2024 prospects not looking good for Biden

The pollsters found that 61 percent believe the nation as a whole, and 66 percent believe the economy, is on the “wrong track” under President Biden, while 63 percent say the economy is “weak,” 54 percent say their personal financial situation is worsening, and 82 percent believe the U.S. either already is or will soon be in an economic recession.

Biden’s overall job approval stands at 42 percent while 56 percent disapprove, and on the major issues, Biden’s approval is underwater for everything except his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, price inflation, the economy and jobs, and immigration — all issues where Biden is under 40 percent — were far and away the top issues of concern for American voters.

As for Biden’s 2024 prospects, the pollsters found that he only drew around 35 percent support in a hypothetical Democratic primary, as well as that he would lose the 2024 general election to both former President Donald Trump, 46-41 percent, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), 42-39 percent. And, for what it is worth, Vice President Kamala Harris fared similarly bad or worse against the top two GOP contenders.

In fact, the pollsters revealed that 65 percent of voters think Biden shouldn’t seek a second term, and of those, 49 percent said he was a “bad president,” 31 percent said he was “too old,” and 20 percent said it was “time for a change” — and we tend to agree with all three of those reasons.

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