Poll: Presidential race tightens as Biden lead shrinks significantly

Many observers were mystified by recent poll numbers suggesting that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden had amassed a double-digit lead while barely leaving his Delaware basement.

However, the results of a new CNN voter survey are in, and it now appears that the former vice president’s edge over Donald Trump has been drastically reduced, as Breitbart reports.

Biden lead shrinks

The last time CNN conducted a national poll to gauge support for the likely presidential candidates was in early June, a time when Biden rarely left home, he had yet to select a running mate, and President Trump had ceased his daily coronavirus briefings.

These days, Biden continues to hide away and avoid questions from journalists, the president has resumed his daily COVID-19 briefings, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been tapped for the number-two spot on the Democratic ticket.

The difference those changes have made to the most recent CNN poll are pretty significant, with Biden’s previous 14-point lead now whittled down to just four points.

Biden’s lead has decreased even more dramatically in the 15 all-important battleground states, with the former vice president now leading by only one percentage point, as Breitbart noted.

The big shift

The latest CNN poll was taken from Aug. 12 to 15, so the true impact of Harris’ presence on the ticket is now beginning to emerge, and the bump one might have expected to follow that big reveal simply has not materialized.

There may be other factors at play that have contributed to President Trump’s improving performance in national polls.

Now that liberal media darling Dr. Anthony Fauci has declared that schools need to open and in-person voting should not be a problem this fall, Democrats find themselves pushing narratives that have been contradicted by someone in whom they repeatedly urged Americans to put their faith.

Furthermore, American voters are beginning to take disapproving notice of the fawning, deferential treatment the mainstream media establishment is providing the Democratic candidates and their refusal to subject them to any type of rigorous questioning on key issues.

Once the Democratic National Convention gets into full swing this week, there may still be a bump — albeit a temporary one — in popularity for the party’s ticket, though that will likely fade once the Republicans have their turn next week.

The bottom line is that despite what liberal media pundits would like you to believe, this race is far from over.

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