Poll shows Biden with slight lead over Sanders ahead of Missouri primary

A recent poll out of Missouri just delivered some bad news for Bernie Sanders.

According to Breitbart, an Emerson College/Nexstar Media poll released last week showed “Sleepy” Joe Biden with a narrow lead over the Vermont senator in Missouri ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary.

The results are in

According to the poll, Biden enjoys a four-point lead over Sanders in Missouri, with 48% of the vote to Sanders’ 44%. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the only Democrat other than Biden and Sanders still in the race, came in at 2%.

The remaining six percentage points went to “someone else/undecided.”

The poll, which included 425 individuals who are considered likely to be Democratic primary voters in Missouri, was conducted between March 4 and 5 — before Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) ended her presidential campaign. But this was accounted for, as Breitbart noted.

“Warren supporters were asked who their second choice candidates are,” Emerson Polling reported. “A majority, 53%, said that Sanders was their second choice, followed by 32% who said Biden was their second choice, 5% who chose Gabbard, and 10% who were undecided as to who their second choice candidate will be.”

The poll results, in other words, ought to still be valid — especially considering that 75% of the voters “said their minds were made up,” according to Emerson.

Dividing up the delegates

Although Biden has this slim lead in this poll, the distance between Sanders and the former VP is within the margin of error, which is plus or minus 4.7%. Not only that, but a majority of Missouri Democrats side with Sanders on one important issue: health care.

Indeed, according to the poll, health care is by far the most important issue for Missouri Democrats, coming in a full 13 percentage points ahead of the next most important issue, which was the environment, Emerson reported. Meanwhile, a full 43% of voters expressed support for “Medicare for All.”

At least Sanders has that going for him.

Missouri is one of six states whose primaries will take place this week — the others are Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Washington, according to The Hill. Michigan will offer the most delegates, at 125, according to Breitbart, while Missouri will offer 68.

Only time will tell how those delegates are divvied up — but by the looks of it, Sanders has some ground to make up if he wants the chance to take on President Donald Trump this November.

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