Poll shows nearly six in ten voters believe Biden has worked to further divide the nation instead of unify it

During the 2020 campaign and for a brief moment after taking office, President Joe Biden portrayed himself as a unifying figure who would help the nation bridge its divisions and come together to live in peaceful harmonic bliss — and then proceeded to govern in the exact opposite manner.

Now a new poll has revealed that nearly 60 percent of likely voters believe that President Biden has done more to further divide the country than to actually try and unite it, Breitbart reported.

From pleading for unity to purposely stoking divisions

Recall President Joe Biden’s Inaugural Address on Jan. 20, 2021, when he repeatedly stressed the importance of national “unity,” insisted that he would be a president for all Americans, and called upon everyone to set aside their differences and come together for the good of the country.

Fast-forward 20 months to Biden’s recent primetime speech about the “continued battle for the soul of America” in which he demonized and rhetorically attacked former President Donald Trump and all of the “MAGA Republicans” who support him as dangerous and deadly threats to not just the ideal of democracy but to the very foundations upon which this nation was built.

The contrast in tone between those two speeches couldn’t be starker, and polling has now captured the bleak results of the president’s remarks on the country — Americans are now more divided than they were before Biden entered office.

Strong majority believe Biden is a divider instead of a unifier

The Convention of States Action group, in partnership with the Trafalgar Group polling firm, surveyed 1,000 likely voters between Sept. 2-5 and asked those polled whether President Biden had “unified or divided the country during his time as president?”

“Divided” was the answer given by 58.7 percent of respondents, while 20.6 percent said “unified” and another 20.7 percent said they were unsure either way.

Unsurprisingly, according to Breitbart, 92.8 percent of Republicans viewed Biden as a divider-in-chief, as did 64.1 percent of independents, and that makes sense, given the harsh and dehumanizing manner in which Biden, his White House, and his most fervent acolytes have treated any and all who dare to publicly dissent against the current administration and its narratives and agenda.

What is perhaps surprising, though, is the fact that only a mere plurality of Democrats, around 43.6 percent, actually still buy Biden’s empty “unifier” rhetoric, despite ample evidence to the contrary, which suggests that even some of the president’s own supporters have grown weary of the incessant divisiveness that Biden himself had previously pledged to end.

Biden’s divisiveness is “dangerous and crippling for the nation”

“Joe Biden came into office assuring us that the adults are now back in charge, and that he is the man to unify the country,” Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States organization, said in a statement. “He has done the exact opposite, and voters see that clearly. Joe Biden is perhaps the most divisive President in U.S. history.”

“Dividing the electorate may work politically in the short-term, but it’s dangerous and crippling for the nation,” he continued. “It’s one thing to attack a candidate who is your political opponent. It’s wholly different to attack 50 percent of the electorate and expect that it will not divide the country.”

“President Biden is uniquely dangerous in his broad attacks on every single American who disagrees with him. This November, we need leaders who will think about country, not party,” Meckler added.

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