New poll reveals Biden’s approval ratings collapsing, Democrats threatened by catastrophic drop

According to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group, President Joe Biden’s approval rate has collapsed all the way to 47.5%.

Biden’s public approval has quickly soured as a series of crises and international chaos has led many Americans to question if Biden is capable of being president. Biden’s abysmal public relations are threatening to develop into a catastrophe of their own as his approval tanked 9.5% in a month.

Biden is being asked to solve complex issues like the crisis at the border and war in the Middle East, and he clearly can’t do it.

America doesn’t trust Biden

Americans are realizing that former President Donald Trump may have been right in his warnings about Biden not being fit for office.

The nation is more divided than ever, the southern border is being completely ignored, and the international community is devolving rapidly. Where Trump created peace deals, Biden’s weakness is creating wars.

It was easy for Biden to snipe at Trump during the campaign, but the election has come and gone. Now he needs to get down to business and show Americans that he has what it takes to lead the free world.

The greatest irony of this entire situation is Biden is exactly what Democrats accused Trump of being. Biden has done nothing to bring Americans together and, in many ways, is exacerbating our crippling divisions.

Biden promised moderate, bipartisan leadership but instead has been strongly partisan and is pushing radical leftist legislation.

Biden dragging Democrats down

This situation will only grow worse as Biden continues to let problems fester. Everything Biden is doing is setting up Democrats for a bloodbath in the 2022 midterm elections.

A recent poll from the Coalition to Protect American Workers found several Democrats from battleground states are vulnerable when going against any Republican. Biden is getting Democrats killed with his terrible performance.

Despite holding the House and a technical majority in the Senate, Biden has failed to pass any significant legislation. This failure to perform might be all Americans need to vote Democrats out in both the House and Senate.

In the end, Republicans simply need to let Biden and the radical Democrats go full speed ahead. Americans see the disastrous results that Biden has created and will respond accordingly.

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