New poll shows vast majority of Americans reject ‘woke’ left’s gender-neutral terminology

Part of the progressive left’s “woke” ideology is an overt effort to alter the meaning of existing words or even introduce new words altogether, particularly with regard to gender, as a means of control over how people talk and even think about various things.

The ideological left has a problem in that respect, though, as a recent poll showed that substantial majorities of the American people have rejected the Orwellian “newspeak” terminology foisted upon the population by the small but loud and influential “woke” crowd, Breitbart reported.

Ironically enough, the poll in question came from The New York Times, but rather than simply acknowledge that most Americans prefer to not use the woke left’s increasingly confusing and nonsensical gender-neutral terminology, the left-leaning outlet instead blamed a “panic” caused by Republicans as being to blame for the public’s overwhelming refusal to adopt the forced terms of the progressive left.

Americans largely reject the left’s altered terms

The New York Times published an online quiz last week of supposedly “offensive” words or terms that Americans aren’t supposed to use anymore along with the results of a recent survey of 4,000 U.S. adults by Morning Consult that took stock of the public’s opinion on a variety of new “woke” words and terms the left has attempted to introduce into the everyday vernacular of the people.

Fully 90 percent of respondents rejected the term “chestfeeding” as a descriptor for the act of a mother feeding a young child naturally with breastmilk. Instead, 85 percent still prefer to use the term “breastfeeding” to describe that fundamental part, for most people, of early motherhood.

Speaking of mothers and motherhood, The Times found that 66 percent of Americans have rejected the absurd term “birthing parent” as a gender-neutral way of describing individuals who are capable of giving birth to a child.

Those individuals, of course, are more commonly known as “pregnant women,” and it would appear that a solid majority of the American people still prefer to use that particular gender-specific term to describe soon-to-be mothers.

Finally, the pollsters also found that only around 22 percent of respondents actually use the ludicrous gender-neutral “Latinx” term as a replacement for the gender-specific “Latino” and “Latina” in the inherently gender-specific Spanish language.

Who are these terms meant to appease?

The New York Post‘s Editorial Board covered the quiz and poll published by its cross-town media rival The Times and compared the progressive left’s efforts to alter the way Americans speak to the “newspeak” imposed by Big Brother on the oppressed subjects of the state in George Orwell’s “1984,” but noted that in this particular instance, “the masses aren’t buying it.”

It noted that the “chestfeeding” and “birthing parent” terms had been concocted by the woke left as a way to try and force the overwhelming majority of the population to appease the exceedingly small portion that includes transgender individuals who identify as men but still retain the biological functions of women to give birth and breastfeed their babies.

As for “Latinx” as a gender-neutral replacement for “Latino” and “Latina” — which are still preferred by 70 percent of those polled — the Post’s Editorial Board noted that even many liberal Democrats have rejected that term and highlighted where it originated and who it is for.

For example, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) was quoted by the Post as once saying of the “Latinx” term, “When Latino politicos use the term, it is largely to appease white rich progressives who think that is the term we use.”

Poll shows “common sense fighting back”

The icing on the cake for the Post’s Editorial Board, however, was the dismissive manner in which The Times attempted to explain away the poll results that didn’t reflect their preferences, such as a headline within the article that declared, “Despite the panic on the right, few have stopped using ‘woman.’”

“The panic on the right! As if it wasn’t the Times and progressives pushing this Newspeak in the first place,” the Post’s Editorial Board concluded. “As usual, the left takes a radical position — erasing gender — then, when faced with resistance, frames it as ‘conservatives are outraged.’ No, as this poll shows, the majority of Americans are not on board with this effort to warp the language to ideological ends. This isn’t panic. It’s common sense fighting back.”

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