New poll reveals Americans are overwhelmingly against the idea of Joe Biden raising taxes

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but President Joe Biden’s idea of raising taxes is not sitting well with Americans because, as it turns out, people still do not like higher taxes, no matter who’s in charge of the country.

According to Just the News, a poll conducted by the outlet in conjunction with Scott Rasmussen found that Americans would overwhelmingly give a thumbs down to a tax hike by Biden. The poll reportedly surveyed 1,200 registered voters and asked a number of questions concerning whether they’d support raising taxes both generally and in line with specific projects.

The results are in

In one question, pollsters asked respondents if they’d support a tax hike to cover the cost of battling climate change, which is one of several hot-button topics for Democrats leading into the 2022 midterm elections and a constant talking point on the left. Of those surveyed, only 19% felt that it would be acceptable to raise taxes for the cause.

In case you’re not aware, America is facing a rapidly increasing deficit with mounting debts stemming most recently from multiple, multitrillion-dollar COVID-19 relief packages. But even though the national deficit is rapidly rising, only 16% of Americans support raising taxes to help bring it down.

The circumstance that received the most support for increasing taxes, which still wasn’t impressive at merely 28%, was support for an American infrastructure overhaul plan, which has recently been touted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Biden administration as the next major legislative piece they’ll attempt to pass.

Among all respondents covering all circumstances of raising taxes, 52% indicated that they do not support tax hikes for any project or ambition, which will likely prove to be an obstacle for Democrats as they attempt to determine how to pay for their lofty legislative ideas down the road.

Undoubtedly, Republicans, who aim to take back one or both chambers of Congress next year, will use any tax hike proposals coming from Democrats and the Biden administration to rally their base to the polls in November 2022.

Broken promises

The Biden administration is already attempting to dig itself out of a hole after announcing a massive tax hike proposal last week that would, in fact, tax those making $200,000 per year, which many say is a broken promise as it was originally floated as an idea that would only tax those making $400,000 per year or more, according to the New York Post.

“Yes, anybody making more than $400,000 will see a small to a significant tax increase,” Biden said in a recent interview. “If you make less than $400,000, you won’t see one single penny in additional federal tax.”

The tax hike proposal would affect people making $200,000 per year if their spouse makes the same amount — a point clarified last week by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki — and a far cry from what Biden promised during his interview.

As expected, Democrats will likely face extreme opposition to such a massive tax hike from Republicans. That makes the timing of some Democrats’ insistence that the Senate filibuster rule be scrapped extremely convenient, as Republicans will likely use every tool available to block any incoming tax hikes.

Between opposition from the GOP and the clear evidence that polling reveals with regard to how Americans feel about tax increases, the Biden administration has quite a few obstacles in front of their plan of taxing Americans into oblivion, once again.

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