Political stunt ‘hits’ Bernie Sanders back

More often than not, political stunts seem to backfire.

In the case of Bernie Sanders, though, his latest political stunt hit him in the face — literally.

Speed Bag 1, Sanders 0

Bernie Sanders will get credit for having one of the biggest fails in presidential campaign history.

Fox News reports that while campaigning in Kentucky, Sanders visited the Muhammed Ali Center. Somewhere along the line, the 78-year-old candidate thought it would be a good idea to test his reflexes and boxing acumen by hitting the speed bag.

Sanders did manage to make contact; however, he was unable to get his face out of the way when the speed bag returned from his punch. The result: Sanders got popped right in the face, and his faux pas blew up on the internet.

Stay in Your Lane

Publicity stunts like this are just never a good idea — because when they go wrong, they go very wrong.

In this case, not only was Sanders embarrassed, but it gave the online trolls more than enough fodder to hammer the socialist online.

“I found the bag and the bag won,” one Twitter user wrote. Another said: “That’s a great demonstration of how Socialist policies come back and hit you square in the face.”

Bernie is having enough of a problem getting people to take him seriously without something like this going out online.

While he may have won over liberal arts students across America, people who actually work and pay taxes are not buying what Bernie is selling.

Bernie’s 2020 campaign has about as much chance of succeeding as Bernie had against that bag — and we all saw how that turned out.

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