Police tase and arrest parents trying to pick up their kids during a school lockdown

ABC News reports that Arizona police arrested three parents who tried to reach their children during a recent school lockdown. 

The situation took place at the El Mirage Elementary School in El Mirage, Arizona, on Friday.

What happened?

Around 10:30 a.m., police were called to the school.

They were told that an individual, believed to be armed with a handgun, was trying to gain entry to the school. Reports indicate that when members of the school’s staff approached the man he ran off to a nearby riverbed.

The school went into lockdown as police carried out a search for the individual, who was described as a Black or Hispanic man with a tattoo on his forehead.

During the search, the police did not find the suspect. But, they did find a suspicious package, which they destroyed. The contents of the package have not been reported.

Subsequent reporting indicates that police did eventually locate the suspect. But, specifics about the situation remain unknown.

Three parents arrested

While the school was in lockdown, several parents tried to get into the school to rescue their children. Police, however, refused to allow them to do so.

This led to a confrontation between three parents and the police officers. During this confrontation, the police used a stun gun to shock one male and one female parent who were trying to gain access to the school. A third individual was also arrested.

One of the parents who was tasered was seen on video being escorted from the area in a stretcher. This individual had to be hospitalized.

Also, it is being reported that one of the parents who was arrested could end up facing felony charges because he was found to have a gun on him while attempting to enter the school to get to his child. In the area, guns are prohibited on school grounds.

The good news in all of this is that no children were injured: all were eventually returned to their parents. This must have been an extremely difficult situation for all involved, but especially the parents, given the recent Uvalde, Texas, school shooting.

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