Police release 911 call from Vontae Davis death

 April 4, 2024

More details have been released concerning the tragic and sudden death of 35-year-old former NFL cornerback Vontae Davis.

Police released the 911 call transcript, which revealed that Davis was found unresponsive by a woman at his grandmother's home Monday. 

The cops have already said they do not suspect foul play.

Vontae Davis 911 call released

Davis was found lying on the ground in a home gym, his personal assistant told dispatchers. The woman who found him called the assistant in a state of shock.

The personal assistant said the woman had called her on FaceTime moments earlier and showed Davis' body lying on the ground.

“She arrived and he’s on the ground of the residence. She froze,” the assistant said. “She called me and she didn’t even speak. That’s why I called.”

The assistant said she had last seen Davis days earlier.

“Then I know that someone saw him Saturday, one of the drivers,” she added.

The woman who found Davis told dispatchers that she went looking for him when she couldn't find him at the house. That's when she made the chilling discovery in the home gym.

"I got to the house, and I was just doing usual stuff. Then, I couldn't find the person, so I was walking around the house," she said.

The cause of death remains as yet unclear.

Mystery surrounds cause of death

Davis played multiple seasons with the Miami Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts before finishing his career with the Buffalo Bills.

The two-time Pro Bowler is famous for retiring abruptly in the middle of a game in 2018 while playing for the Bills.

At the time, Davis said he wanted to spare his body further damage after sustaining multiple injuries.

"Reality hit me fast and hard: I shouldn't be out there anymore," he said.

The retired pro was arrested for drunk driving last year after he crashed his Tesla and fell asleep on the highway.

His older brother Vernon Davis, also a retired NFL player, shared his shock and heartbreak with the Daily Mail, telling the tabloid he believes his brother may have slipped and fell after spending time in the sauna.

"I'm leaning on the detectives to figure it out but right now we have no answers. They are going to run tests and they said they'll get back to us," Davis said.

"It could be as long as a month, a month and a half, until we know anything," he added.

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