Video released of police officer being shot at point-blank range

Somehow, an LAPD officer managed to escape a point-blank shooting with her life.

In the very graphic video below, you can see how quickly things can go sideways for police officers during what appears to be a routine traffic stop. 

The Right

After watching the video, anyone can see how little time officers have to make life and death decisions.

Watching all of the angles of the incident, it is amazing the second officer was able to put the suspect down at all.

By all accounts, the suspect appeared to be following the directions given by the officers.

Neither of them at that point had any reason to think the driver was going to shoot them.

From the moment the shooter pulled his weapon to the time he turned to shoot at the second officer was no more than three seconds.

However, because the officer did not let his guard down, he saw the man pulling the weapon and was able to get a shot off and hit the shooter before being shot himself.

His quick actions may have saved both his life and that of his partner.

The Wrong

The passenger side officer did make one mistake that could have had severe repercussions, though.

As he rushed to the aide of his partner, he forgot to get the gun away from the shooter or secure his hands.

While he did do that later, it only happened after the officer that was shot told him to take care of the shooter.

We can already hear liberals screaming about the shot man being handcuffed, but that IS the proper procedure, even if the officer suspects the person to be dead.

Thankfully, the officer shot at point blank range is alive.

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The shooter, however, was pronounced dead later that night.

Afterwards, it was revealed the shooter, Richard Mendoza, was a gang member with multiple arrests on his record, including possession of a gun by a felon.

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