Heartbreaking: Police officer allegedly shot by illegal immigrant dies

An American hero has lost his life at the hands of yet another undocumented immigrant.

Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller’s death was announced Saturday afternoon by the Fort Meyers Police Department.

The Shooting

Last Saturday, Officer Jobbers-Miller was called to a local gas station to respond to a call over a stolen cell phone.

Officer Jobbers-Miller caught up with the suspect, Wisner Desmaret, a 29-year-old undocumented immigrant from Haiti, lying face down on the street.

Desmaret can be heard on the video captured on Jobbers-Miller’s body cam first telling the officer to not shoot him, then to “shoot me while I’m not looking.”

Desmaret was assured he was not going to be shot and asked to stand up.

At this time, the men who had their cell phone stolen arrived in a car.

The officers went over to talk to the men when Desmaret stood up and attempted to get into the car.

He then attempted to flee the scene on foot and was pursued by Officer Jobbers-Miller.

Just as the officer was catching up to the suspect, Desmaret turned around with his hands down, palms up, appearing to surrender.

He then lunged at the officer, knocking him off balance.

With the officer down on the ground, Desmaret reached for the officer’s gun, removed it from his holster, and shot Officer Jobbers-Miller in the head.

Desmaret then fled the scene but was ultimately taken down by another officer when Desmaret reportedly raised the gun to fire on him.

Never Turned Over

Sadly, this is yet another case where the alleged suspect should have never been in the country.

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Desmaret had been arrested multiple times over the past few years and ICE had even placed holds on him twice, in 2008 and 2010.

Unfortunately, Desmaret remained on the streets, ultimately taking the life of Officer Jobbers-Miller.

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