Police investigating elementary school episode of forced black supremacy

February 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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It's called canceling these days – when critics, social media, politicians, virtually anybody, decide to attack another person because of their beliefs, or lack thereof.

Many times it's because the target declines to get on board with the latest in the LGBT agenda, or abortion, or climate change, which used to be global warming until the warming stopped and a new name was needed.

Voluntary submission to the politically correct apparently is the goal. Forced submission is the backup plan.

And now even students are becoming part of the program.

new report from the Blaze has revealed the disturbing situation of white students in an elementary school in Springfield, Ohio, being forced to make politically charged statements.

The report said, "Black students at an elementary school in Springfield, Ohio, allegedly hunted down, captured, and dragged white students to the playground, where they forced them to recite identitarian Marxist slogans against their will on camera."

The report said it was unclear when "the seeds of the allegedly violent BLM activism were first placed in the classroom."

But the report said police were sent to Kenwood Elementary to "deal with possible assault and menacing offenses."

It was the school's principal, Evan Hunsaker, who told law enforcement officers a group of black students had "herded" white students together, then "coerced" them to submit verbally to "Black Lives Matter."

Some tried to flee, but were "chased down and escorted, dragged or carried" back to submit to the racially charged ideology, the report said.

The Blaze reported Ryan Springer, whose 12-year-old boy "apparently among those forced to recite the slogan of the scandal-plagued BLM movement, was infuriated.

"I mean I’m angry as a parent but I understand they are children. It’s not okay to hate anybody because of their skin color, their gender or sexual orientation, or anything like that. Nobody should be hating anybody. I'm more upset by the assault part of it — the children being forced down on the ground," Springer said.

And he wondered, "Where was the school staff when all of this was taking place?"

The Blaze reported the district did not respond to its questions.

But earlier it had issued a prepared statement that it was aware of the Kenwood case, and officials were working with police so no more information was available.

The Blaze explained, "BLM, the identitarian leftist group the Springfield aggressors allegedly forced their victims to pledge fealty to, was associated with the 2020 riots that did at least $1 billion in damage. Of the 8,700 BLM-related events at the time, 574 reportedly involved violent acts in over 140 cities, including shootings, arson, looting, vehicular crimes, and explosions."

Real Clear Investigations also confirmed up to 20 people were killed in BLM riots. One police officer was killed and more than 2,000 were attacked or injured.

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