Police arrest Toronto man outside the White House

On Wednesday, White House security had a big scare.

A Canadian man tried to illegally enter the White House, claiming he wanted President Donald Trump’s help finding a wife.


The man in question apparently tried to move some bicycle racks, blocking entry to the White House grounds.

When he was apprehended by authorities, he told them he had a couple of bottles of Crown Royal he wanted to give to President Trump.

That is a pretty odd gift, considering that Trump says he has never taken a drink in his life!

Later, when he was being questioned by the Secret Service, he told agents a completely different story: he said he was hoping President Trump could help him find a wife.

Thankfully, his attempt at breaking into the White House did not disrupt normal operations in any way.

Always on Alert

To some, this event may have seen humorous, but it is really anything but.

In today’s political climate, you never know what to expect.

With all the rhetoric coming from the left these days, it is not out of the realm to imagine some maniac taking their words to heart and trying to hurt Trump or some other high-ranking Republican.

The man got that close to the White House with bottles of liquor that could have easily been anything else.

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He could have easily had some type of explosive device.

Then it’s just a what-if game from there.

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