Police allowed to change their gender but not their race

 February 27, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A "Caucasian" police officer in Chicago is suing because department officials have refused permission for him to identify, officially, as Egyptian and African-American, despite his genetic evidence supporting that ID.

This comes even as the department routinely grants officers the right to choose a gender to be used in their official identity.

The situation is documented by Fox News amid a flood of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" ideologies being used by academia, corporations, and governmental personnel departments these days, which confirms that being a race other than Caucasian can mean the difference between a job or no job, promotion or no promotion.

Mohammad Yusuf, 43, claims in a federal civil rights lawsuit that his current race, "Caucasian," is incorrect because he identifies as Egyptian and African-American, and since officials allow officers to change their gender at will, he should be able to change his race.

Yusuf charges that he provided the results of a genetic test to show his race and heritage, but the department stonewalled him.

The lawsuit comes amid the department's agenda to let officers change their "gender identity" so that it matches "their lived experience," the legal filing charges.

The police department declined to comment on the dispute when asked by Fox News Digital.

Yusuf charges he's been overlooked, repeatedly, for promotions because others have labeled him "Caucasian." Those promoted have been "minority applicants" mostly, he said.

The report explained Yusuf, a 20-year veteran, cited the department's procedure to benefit minorities "even if they did not score well on promotional exams," and explained he "scored in the first promotional tier" on a sergeant's exam but was refused promotion.

Since then, he charges, there have been 75 merit promotions to sergeant, but only five have been to Caucasians.

"Despite Yusuf’s exemplary qualifications and the purported race-neutral policy of the Merit System, Yusuf has been repeatedly bypassed for promotion in favor of less qualified candidates, based on their race, specifically African American officers, some of whom had disciplinary issues and were not suitable for the responsibilities of a sergeant," the complaint charges.

He said when he joined the department, he was given the choice of identifying as Caucasian, black, or Hispanic. But now the department recognizes a list of other identifications.

The department is accused of violating Title V of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by intentionally discriminating against some individuals based on race.

There have been other fights over racial identity, but not with the same circumstances Yusuf presents.

Rachel Dolezal, for example, became known as a "race faker" after she served as president of an NCAAP chapter but was revealed to not be black.

Confirmed to have a "white" identity she lost a job as a professor of African American studies at Eastern Washington University at the time.

And U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has been treated by critics as a buffoon for several years since it was revealed she repeatedly had falsely identified herself as "American Indian" to advance her career.

It was Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity who presented evidence that for more than 30 years, she "lied about her race 'and used it to get ahead,'" the report said.

For example, in her registration for the state bar in Texas in 1986, she claimed to be "American Indian."

"Hannity pointed out that Harvard repeatedly used her to boost its 'diversity' bona fides, touting her as a person of color and a 'Native American.'"

She allowed the school repeatedly to describe her as a woman of color, or "Native American," without correcting her.

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