Playboy model found strangled in her bedroom

Residents of a quiet Ardmore, PA neighborhood were shocked earlier this week when a gruesome discovery was made.

Former Playboy model Christina Carlin-Kraft was discovered dead in her apartment on Wednesday.

Burglary Related?

Carlin-Kraft had only moved into her current apartment weeks ago.

Already, though, she was the victim of a burglary.

Just last week, police were called to her home after some jewelry and expensive designer handbags were stolen.

Four days later, during a welfare check, authorities found her in what appears to have been a strangulation.

Crime is not exactly running rampant in this neighborhood, so neighbors were both shocked and surprised by her brutal murder.

Dave Farina, one of Carlin-Kraft’s neighbors, said: “We never had that type of thing in Ardmore. Hardly ever. It’s enough to make me cry.”

Farina added: “I’m praying for them that they found out who did it… and bring them to justice.”

At this time, police are unsure if the murder and burglary are related.

Modeling Career

Carlin-Kraft was a stunning beauty of Russian and German heritage.

Best known for her work in Playboy, the model had also done shoots for several other publications.

Among the most notable of these were Maxim and Vanity Fair.

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Carlin-Kraft also modeled for Victoria’s Secret.

She absolutely loved her work, once stating: “I really do enjoy photo shoots for swimwear and tasteful lingerie.”

She will be missed.

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