Former Playboy model announces she can legally discuss her alleged affair with Trump

President Trump’s camp just got some bad news and the gossip mongers are going to feast on it.

Karen McDougal has reportedly been let out of her agreement with American Media Inc. (AMI) and can now openly discuss her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

The Agreement

When McDougal first came forward about her alleged affair, The National Enquirer, which is owned by AMI, purchased the exclusive rights to her story for $150,000.

After hearing her story, the publication thought there were too many discrepancies to kill the story.

Because Trump and the chairman of AMI are friends, the liberal media immediately accused Trump of using back channels to kill the story.

That narrative has now been blown out of the water with McDougal now being released from her agreement.

New Agreement

While McDougal was paid a nifty price for a story that was never published, she has been trying to get the initial agreement nullified.

With the Stormy Daniels story dominating the headlines, McDougal also wants to cash in on what will surely be a bigger payday if she is able to discuss the alleged affair.

After filing a lawsuit against AMI, the two parties were able to come to amicable terms and end the agreement.

McDougal is reportedly able to keep the $150,000 payment, but AMI gets to keep the rights to all photographs it had purchased as part of that original deal.

AMI will also receive up to $75,000 on any monies made by McDougal related to the telling of the alleged affair.

The National Enquirer will now run a cover story featuring McDougal as well as running multiple fitness columns authored by McDougal in future issues.


For the two parties, this would seem to be the best possible outcome.

McDougal gets to tell her story and reap the rewards, less the $75,000 she will have to pay AMI.

The National Enquirer gets to run several columns, which will no doubt give the publication a huge boost in circulation, without having to make any further payments to McDougal.

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The only people that lose with this arrangement are Donald and Melania Trump.

McDougal will more than likely start doing the talk show circuit, which means the media will be feasting on her every word and challenging Melania Trump to make some type of statement about the alleged affairs of her husband.

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