Plane flies giant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ banner across sky during college football game

“Let’s Go Brandon” made an appearance at another sporting event over the weekend.

Breitbart reports that during the Georgia-Missouri college football game that took place on Saturday in Athens, Georgia, a giant “Let’s Go Brandon” banner was flown across the sky. 

Video on social media shows a plane pulling the banner above Sanford Stadium, where the game took place. In addition to “Let’s Go Brandon,” the banner also said “Join,” referring to the social media site launched by one of former President Donald Trump’s top advisers.

The origin

“Let’s Go Brandon” has become a staple at sporting events across the country. The phrase is code for the original chant, “F*** Joe Biden.”

The family-friendly and downright hilarious phrase gained popularity following the Nascar Xfinity Series race that took place last month at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. There, as an NBC Sports reporter interviewed driver Bradon Brown, the crowd began chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

However, Kelli Stavast, the reporter, falsely claimed that the crowd was actually chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” in support of the driver.

Since that moment, many people, particularly conservatives, have been using “Let’s Go Brandon” to voice their displeasure with President Biden and his administration, as it’s obviously a phrase that can be used in place of the profane version.

It’s happening everywhere

It’s unclear whether the banner that was flown over the weekend was the first “Let’s Go Brandon” banner at a sporting event. But, it’s undeniable that the phrase has become a regular chant at sporting events, including college football games. Fans recently belted it out at the Georgia-Florida game that took place on Oct. 30.

There was also one surprising incident at the Oswego Speedway in upstate New York last month in which a child kicked off the dirt track race by shouting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

But, it’s not just sporting events where the phrase has made an appearance. It has also become a hit rap song, and one congresswoman, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), recently wore a red dress with “Let’s Go Brandon” in white lettering to a meeting with former President Donald Trump. Boebert said that the dress made Trump smile, adding that Trump said he “loved it.”

According to Fox News, many on the left have condemned the phrase as inappropriate, but that only serves to bolster Trump supporters across the country who are sick and tired of the Democrats’ ridiculous, radically progressive policies and ideas.

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