2 dead after private plane crashes in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is in shock and mourning after the news of yet another deadly plane crash broke.

On Friday night, two men were killed during an apparent mishap during the landing of a small private plane traveling from Knoxville to Asheboro, according to a local ABC affiliate. 

Overshooting the Landing

Bryan Manzer and Stephen Lewis were reportedly flying back to Asheboro from Knoxville when the accident took place.

While approaching Asheboro Regional Airport, the plane suddenly went missing.

According to the report, the plane was on its final approach, then simply fell off the radar.

A search was immediately launched on Friday night after the plane disappeared.

Grisly Discovery

On Saturday morning, the aircraft was finally discovered.

Whoever was flying apparently overshot the landing strip and ended up crashing the plane more than two miles past the airport in a heavily wooded area.

When the search teams arrived, they found the bodies of both Manzer and Lewis at the crash site.

At this time, authorities are unsure as to how the accident happened or why the plane overshot the landing area so significantly.

The accident is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Bryan Andrew Manzer, who was 61 years old, hailed from Asheboro. The second victim, Steven Neil Lewis, was only 30 years old and hailed from Liberty.

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