Private plane crashes in Texas, kills 10

Terrible news out of a small town just north of Dallas, Texas: An accident of unknown origin caused a private plane to veer into a hangar and burst into flames.

Ten people were on board the plane. Two of the victims were crewmen, the other eight were passengers.

Their identities have not been released, as the families are being notified.

FAA Investigation

The biggest question right now is what actually happened.

According to reports, the FAA will soon begin an investigation into the crash, which occurred in a small town called Addison, Texas.

Witnesses say something was off from the start.

Fort Worth Star Tribune reports:

David Snell, a pilot who saw the plane crash, said the plane was in the air for less than 10 seconds when it “fell out of the sky. It didn’t sound right.”

That must have been a terrifying sight to witness.

Mechanical Failure Likely

While the FAA’s investigation won’t be done for another two weeks, mechanical failure likely was the cause.

The plane was bound flying 15 minutes north of Dallas to St. Petersburg, Florida. It was a non-commercial flight. All reports seem to indicate that the plane was struggling to find the power to climb.

Pilot David Snell watched the event unfold from a nearby hangar. He said after the fact that “the plane was not producing the type of takeoff power that it typically would by the sound, plus it wasn’t climbing the way it typically would and it appeared a little tail low and we knew that airplane was in trouble.”

Now, whether the mechanical issues were due to bad maintenance or foul play, the FAA investigation will tell.

Our condolences to the families of the victims. While no one on the ground was hurt, all aboard were killed. It’s a brutal reminder of the dangers of flying.

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