Report: Plan in place to wipe out Iranian nuclear facilities

With tensions rising between Iran and the United States, our military is preparing for all contingencies.

According to Sean Hannity, there is already a plan in place for our military to invade and completely wipe out any and all Iranian nuclear capabilities.

Ready for Action

The latest aggressive moves by Iran to capture a pair of British tankers is being taken very seriously not only by the U.K., but also the United States.

This comes only weeks after Iran shot down a U.S. drone and harassed a U.S. naval vessel, the Washington Examiner reported.

Hannity, who was talking to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, stated: “I want to say this delicately because I have sources that I know are sources you know well. And I know you have been told what I have been told.”

He went on: “We know exactly which nuclear sites are the most dangerous and we know the plans have been long drawn up to take them out.”

Giuliani not only agreed with Hannity, but also further stated the United States could do serious damage to Iran if our military leaders decided the time had come for action.

Closer to War

The last thing anyone wants is for this to escalate into another Middle East conflict for the United States.

It is pretty safe to say that President Trump has been extremely cautious in moving forward with any action against Iran to avoid a military conflict. Iran, however, keeps pushing forward.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to invite Iran to come to the table to negotiate, but the country has refused to open discussions to this point.

Iranian leadership must feel that by forcing this issue and getting more aggressive, the U.S. and its allies will withdraw the sanctions currently crushing the Iranian economy, but that is not about to happen.

Iran has stopped just short of attacking a manned U.S. vessel, but that may change now that the United States is building more of a presence in the Strait of Hormuz to ensure safe passage for allied ships.

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