Plaintiff in Georgia election suit claims fraud impacted as many as 20K ballots: Report

The plaintiff in an ongoing lawsuit out of Georgia now claims that as many as 20,000 absentee ballots were fraudulently cast in the state’s Fulton County, the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday.

According to the Examiner, Garland Favorito expressed confidence that thousands of votes were wrongly counted, perhaps enough to have altered the results of the presidential race in the state.

“We have what is almost surely major absentee-ballot fraud in Fulton County involving 10,000 to 20,000 probably false ballots,” Favorito said in a recent interview, according to the Examiner.

President Joe Biden won the Peach State by some 12,000 votes last November, a result that was confirmed in multiple recounts.

What’s going on?

A group of Georgia voters, led by Favorito, first brought the lawsuit last month in hopes of finding out whether election fraud took place in Georgia’s Fulton County last November. Last month, the Examiner said, a judge granted a motion that unsealed roughly 147,000 absentee ballots cast in the county.

Favorito says the thousands of allegedly fraudulent ballots are among those.

According to the Examiner, the ballots are currently being securely stored in a warehouse, but Favorito has suggested the building may have been breached and has asked for the security footage.

“How do we know for certain there was no tampering with the ballots?” the plaintiff in the Georgia suit said.

What’s to come?

As reports note, even if fraud was found in Fulton County, it still wouldn’t change the outcome of the 2020 White House race, which has already been certified by Georgia and all the other states, as well as Congress.

But that doesn’t seem to be stemming the flow of lawsuits cropping up across the country challenging the outcome. In Arizona, Maricopa County is currently in the midst of an audit ordered by the GOP-led state Senate.

According to NPR, that review may be inspiring Republicans elsewhere to mount their own efforts to confirm that the reported results of the 2020 election were accurate. Pro-Trump Republicans including former Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones have recently toured the audit site, furthering such speculation, as NPR notes.

It’s clear many in the GOP won’t be satisfied until they’re sure they know the truth.

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