Pirro unleashes on MSM for creating coronavirus panic

Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro has never held back about her disdain for how the mainstream media treats Donald Trump.

During her Opening Statement segment of her Saturday program, Pirro revealed the truth that the media is trying to create panic over the coronavirus outbreak rather than simply reporting the truth.

Orchestrated panic

We have been through public health crises like this before and have always come out on the other side. Ebola, SARS, and MERS were all viral outbreaks that posed a major global threat, but the media today is acting in a completely different manner. Where we were once told to remain calm, we are now being told the end is near.

The truth is that this situation will surely get worse before it gets better, in that more people will contract the disease, and more people will die because of it. Then, when treatment and a vaccine are available, we will see these numbers drop dramatically.

In her explosive indictment of the mainstream media’s handling of coronavirus coverage, Pirro covers these issues and argues that the media is using the outbreak to try to take down Trump. Take a look:

Calculated crisis

“If you’ve ever had a question whether the mainstream media distorts, whips up, throws things out of focus or has an agenda, especially when it comes to the Trump administration, look no further than coronavirus,” Pirro claimed. “If you listen to the mainstream media, it’s time to buy the family burial plot, visit the cemetery where the dirt is definitely cleaner than your kitchen counter or your bathroom handles.”

The fact of the matter is that we see far greater numbers of flu deaths every year, but the media is not focusing on that fact simply because COVID-19 is a far better story to take down Trump.

The sad reality is that their attacks are working. Americans are panicking, they are selling stocks, and they are not leaving their houses. The DOW is down about 6,000 points over the last 10 days, putting us on the verge of a recession, all because of media-created panic.

Democrats have been hoping for a recession for months to invalidate Trump’s claims of a great economy, and the rise of coronavirus presented the perfect opportunity.

“When people are scared, when people think it’s just a question of time before they start dropping like flies, they go into survival mode,” Pirro explained. “They don’t spend money. The economy suffers. They don’t invest. The market suffers. They talk about taking their children out of school, education suffers. They talk about canceling March Madness, Coachella, and local businesses suffer… They go into depression mode because their quality of life is over.

“And who better to trumpet a slowing economy than CNN,” she remarked.

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