‘She is a fraud’: Fox’s Pirro slams Kamala Harris over apathy toward Cuomo sex harassment claims

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro slammed Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday for refusing to comment on mounting claims of sexual harassment against New Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). 

Speaking at the conclusion of Saturday’s episode of Fox’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, Pirro called Harris a “two-faced, mealy-mouthed politician” with no “moral core,” The Daily Wire reported.

“A real role model”

Pirro was reportedly responding to Harris’ apathy toward the controversy surrounding Cuomo, who is facing allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault from at least seven women.

The claims have many, including Democrats, pushing for Cuomo to step down from his role as governor. Even New York’s two Democrat senators, Kirstin Gillibrand and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have said Cuomo “has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of New York” and “should resign,” as CNBC notes.

But not Harris.

Indeed, the Biden administration has been eerily quiet on the matter, and the president himself didn’t even address the claims against Cuomo until Sunday night. It’s the silence from Harris, in particular, that earned the ire of Pirro, however.

“Finally, tonight, she is a fraud, a phony, a woman without a moral core, a regular two-faced, mealy-mouthed politician who swings with the wind,” the Fox host said of the VP on Saturday, according to The Daily Wire. “A real role model, ain’t she?”

“Some supporter of women, huh?”

Pirro went on to remind viewers that Harris is “a woman who couldn’t get 1% of support in her party’s presidential primary nomination, a woman destined to be president, many believe, in the very near future.” And yet, she “can’t even answer a question about whether or not Andrew Cuomo should resign after seven women accuse him of sexual harassment and assault,” Pirro noted.

As a candidate in the Democratic presidential primary, Harris also notably said that she believed the women who accused then-candidate Joe Biden of inappropriately touching them. But given her role in his administration, it seems Harris has walked back on that.

“Some supporter of women, huh?” Pirro said Saturday, according to The Daily Wire. “A woman paraded around as a champion for women — quick to believe all women, unless it doesn’t work to her political advantage.”

“This is certainly not the kind of woman we need running this country as president,” the judge concluded. Take a look for yourself:

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