Report: Judge Jeanine Pirro looking to leave Fox, become Trump’s attorney general

Could there be a major shakeup about to happen in the White House?

If reports are true, Judge Jeanine Pirro is pushing to replace Jeff Sessions as the attorney general.

The Rumors

All throughout the presidential campaign, Ms. Pirro made no qualms about her support for Donald Trump as president.

After Trump won, Pirro continued to support Trump, even when others distanced themselves.

But while Pirro did her best to get an initial appointment to join Trump’s team, it is believed that she was never seriously being considered by the administration.

Has that now changed?

Sessions Problems

The problems for Sessions started almost immediately after he took the position as attorney general.

Conservatives’ jaws collectively dropped to the floor when he recused himself from the Russia investigation.

One would have thought this would have been discussed prior to the appointment.

However, Trump’s dismay at his recusal proved the president made an assumption that should not have been made.

And Sessions has done nothing since to get himself back into the president’s good graces. Quite the opposite, actually.

Trump has refrained from firing Sessions due to the scrutiny it would bring cause, but many think Sessions’ days are truly numbered at this point.

Rumors have been flying that Pirro has growing influence on the president, so her appointment now may not be out of the question.

The question, then, would be: how serious of a candidate would she be?

After having served as Westchester County assistant district attorney, Pirro was appointed as a judge in that same county in 1990.

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From that position, she joined Fox News in 2006 and has been one of their hosts and legal pundits ever since.

But does she have the credentials to be the attorney general of the United States of America? That’s up to Trump to decide.

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