Katrina Pierson rips Michelle Obama for attacks against Trump

Michelle Obama may no longer be the First Lady, but she is still making sure she remains in the headlines.

Michelle most recently took a cheap shot at President Trump, likening him to a parent that allows his children to “eat candy all day and stay up late.”

The Retort

Former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson absolutely blasted the former First Lady, calling her appearance “liberal elitism on full display.”

Pierson further stated that Michelle Obama continues to “insult and demean” Americans simply because of whom they voted for in the presidential election.

The former Trump staffer was dead on when she pointed out many Americans voted for Trump because of the all the red flags around the Clintons and the Obama administration.

Never before in history have we seen an outgoing administration work to undermine the administration that took over for them.

Trump not only faces these attacks from those involved in the Obama administration, but also from some of his so-called fellow Republicans.

For instance, the Bush family has regularly attacked him during both the primary and now during his presidency.

Reality Hits

One reason why the Obamas continue to go after Trump and undermine his administration is because they are finally being exposed.

Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called for an investigation into the Uranium One scandal and Hilary Clinton, the Obamas will be walking around on egg shells.

Hillary’s stint as Secretary of State is filled with scandals, but since Obama was the president at the time, he is just as liable as Hillary.

As president, Obama is 100 percent accountable for the actions of his cabinet members.

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This attack by Michelle is nothing more than deflection.

She knows her house of cards is about to collapse, so she is doing everything she can to protect her husband and his administration from having the truth and corruption exposed.

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