Piers Morgan believes James Comey’s next book will be written from prison

In a scathing op-ed, television personality Piers Morgan blistered James Comey and offered some insight into the future of the disgraced former FBI director.

Morgan believes Comey, who released a bestselling memoir in 2018, is enjoying his celebrity status a bit too much and may soon find himself behind bars for his actions as the FBI director. Comey’s next book may well be written from his prison cell.

Living the Good Life

The best thing that ever happened to James Comey’s bank account was his firing.

He quickly gained hero status among liberals, and he took advantage of it immediately with his memoir, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, wherein he took shot after shot at President Donald Trump.

Moreover, for weeks after the former FBI director’s ouster, you could not turn on your TV without seeing Comey plastered across the screen doing an interview.

In the process, Comey has added millions to his bank account.

Superhero Status

But even as Comey has been elevated to superhero status, people are missing the facts of the case.

He is really more of a golden calf than a Marvel character.

Comey was paid to keep secrets — not leak them — but leak them is exactly what he did.

As the director of the FBI, he leaked classified information to the media. He also used bogus documents to spy on Trump staffers.

Moreover, he professed Hillary Clinton to be innocent on his own, without discussing the outcome of the case with the prosecutors working the case or the attorney general.

Comey did not uphold the law, he broke it. And for that, his day of reckoning may finally soon come.

Attorney General William Barr reportedly has three different teams investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

If those investigations go the way most people like Morgan think they will, Comey will no longer be buying $1,000 suits but instead, be getting fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

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