Picture posted to Biden's Twitter to hype celebrity guests goes viral with photoshopped jokes and critiques

March 22, 2023
Ben Marquis

President Joe Biden, or more likely the staffers who manage his social media accounts, attempted to make a pop culture reference on Monday with a posted picture of a crudely designed sign taped above the door of the Oval Office.

That backfired spectacularly, though, as the post went viral due to so many users using that picture to photoshop other phrases on the sign, many of which were critical of the president, his family, and his administration, the Conservative Brief reported.

Biden wants everyone to "Believe"

Monday evening, President Biden's Twitter account displayed a picture of the entrance to the Oval Office with a yellow sign taped above the door that said "Believe," and the post itself was simply captioned, "Tomorrow."

That was in reference to the White House visitation on Tuesday of some of the cast of the popular Apple TV+ program "Ted Lasso" -- they also appeared as guests at the daily press briefing -- in which the fictional American coach of a struggling British soccer team hung a similar sign above his office door to help inspire his players to better themselves and achieve success.

Indeed, both the White House account and Biden's account posted a picture Tuesday night of the "Ted Lasso" cast sitting with the president and first lady in the Oval Office.

Again, trying to be humorous with pop culture references, the Biden account captioned the photo, "Had a wide-ranging discussion about the importance of mental health with some folks from an English soccer team. You’ll see video of it soon."

Well, that totally backfired

The Conservative Brief reported that the posting of the "Believe" picture to President Biden's account likely did not play out as anticipated, as it was simply used as a canvas to be photoshopped in myriad ways to criticize and mock the president and his administration.

In one example, the sign was changed to read "Smoking Area" and featured an added picture of Hunter Biden with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, while another said "Quiet Please, Senior Asleep" and showed Joe Biden with his eyes closed on the couch.

There was one post in which the sign read "China," as well as another that simply said "10 percent to enter," both of which were references to the dubious foreign business dealings and alleged international influence-peddling of Biden's family, particularly with the communist regime in Beijing.

Other photoshopped signs referenced Biden's propensity for hair-sniffing or his weird comments during the 2020 campaign about being a teenage lifeguard with hairy legs at pool frequented by black children in Delaware.

Still other examples changed the taped sign from "Believe" to "Lie," "Regret," or a frowny face, as well as "For Rent: Highest Bidder," and in one instance, a "Trump 2024" flag.

All of that said, and aside from a distinct minority of supportive post, the vast majority of replies simply expressed their deep dissatisfaction with President Biden thus far and their decided lack of belief that he would do anything of merit to improve the nation and meet the needs of the citizenry.

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