Picture posted online from Biden speech appears to reveal open wound on back of hand

Since even before he was elected, there have been serious and legitimate concerns about President Joe Biden’s health, both physical and mental, and whether any real or perceived issues have an impact on his ability to do the job.

There is now a surge of renewed concern about Biden’s health after a picture posted online appears to show some sort of open wound on the back of one of the president’s hands, The Western Journal reported.

Posted picture prompts speculation

The outlet noted that President Biden traveled down to Florida on Tuesday to deliver multiple speeches in which he sought to bolster and support Democratic candidates while ferociously attacking and slandering the Republican opposition.

The Hill reported on one of those speeches and the wide brush that Biden used to falsely malign and smear all Republicans as not being empathetic enough in response to the Friday morning assault by a home intruder against Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Yet, it wasn’t The Hill’s coverage of Biden’s remarks that prompted speculative discussion on social media, but rather the picture that was used for the article that revealed the apparent open wound on the back of Biden’s hand.

What is it?

The Western Journal, which made it clear that it was unknown if any knowledgeable medical professionals had weighed in on the matter, nonetheless shared some of the speculations from social media users about what, exactly, was wrong with Biden’s hand, as seen in The Hill’s posted picture.

The overwhelming consensus was that the wound was probably a so-called “track mark” of an injection site, most likely from an IV, which seems logical given that it was located on a visibly large vein.

That, of course, led to further speculation about why Biden would need to be hooked up to an IV and what, exactly, that IV was delivering into the president’s system, such as mere fluids or some sort of medication.

Some also theorized that the apparent open wound looked like it might be infected or even necrotic, which obviously would not bode well for the president’s physical health.

The majority legitimately “concerned” about Biden’s health

As noted, President Biden’s physical and mental health has been a concern for many Americans since before he even entered office, and such concerns and the number of Americans who have them have arguably grown more substantial throughout his presidency thus far.

In fact, Breitbart reported in June on a poll that showed that 59 percent of Americans were “worried” to one extent or another about Biden’s mental and physical health, and this picture that is suggestive of an IV track mark wound, to say nothing of Biden’s increasingly frequent gaffes and mental stumbles, have quite possibly only added to that figure of concerned Americans from just over four months ago.

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