Physician reveals in Fox News interview she was fired for appearing in ‘White Coat Summit’ video

A medical professional who appeared in the controversial “White Coat Summit” viral video earlier this week has reportedly been fired for advocating hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus.

During a Fox News Channel appearance this week, Dr. Simone Gold revealed that she was fired for participating in the video.

“I was summarily fired”

Not only was Gold reportedly fired for her participation, but the video itself has also been removed from the major social media platforms, who say it includes false claims about the medical benefits of the antimalarial medication.

Gold appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where she described herself as a “board-certified emergency physician for 20 years” who is now being censored for sharing her medical opinion.

“In fact, it seems like until five minutes ago I was considered a hero and people would be clapping and glad that I was doing what I was doing, and then the video came out and I was summarily fired for appearing in what was told to me is an embarrassing video,” she said.

While there is little to question about her credentials, the message she sought to deliver was deemed inappropriate across the board among social media giants.

“Arbitrarily shut down our website”

Furthermore, she asserted in a tweet earlier this week that the website for the group of doctors, dubbed “America’s Frontline Doctors,” was taken down.

“WOW: Our website host [Squarespace] has just completely and arbitrarily shut down our website, claiming a violation of their terms of service,” she wrote. “We are a group of physicians advocating for a better understanding of COVID-19 and its available treatment options.”

Although President Donald Trump was widely criticized for citing the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 patients, some subsequent studies appear to support that early optimism.

Nevertheless, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others stress that the drug has not been clinically proven to be beneficial, and tech firms made the decision to remove the video — including one retweeted by the president.

“Hydroxychloroquine is an analog or a derivative of quinine, which is found in tree bark,” Gold concluded. “It’s the most noncontroversial of medications that there is.”

If Trump and the GOP are citing its benefits, however, it is clear the Democrats will use any excuse to make tree bark controversial.

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