New photos show Donald and Melania Trump attending Easter services together, holding hands

Everyone wants to know if Melania is going to leave the President while in office.

A series of pictures released while the First Couple was attending Easter Sunday services show a loving, tender couple, which will hopefully put these rumors to rest.

Sunday Services

As usual, wherever the President goes, a gaggle or press will follow.

While the media were hoping to see a First Couple being ripped apart, that was hardly the picture that was presented.

(REUTERS/Yuri Gripas) via Daily Caller

Not only were Trump and Melania obviously enjoying the day, they were also obviously enjoying each other’s company.

(REUTERS/Yuri Gripas) via Daily Caller

Now does that look like a woman that is about to leave her husband?

More Rumors Put to Rest

Something else of note, is the presence of Tiffany Trump.

Recent stories in the media have tried to depict some differences in politics creating a wedge between the President and his youngest daughter.

Tiffany recently “liked” a post on Instagram and the media have been trying to say it was her way of taking a jab at the President.

Look at the picture below and tell me if that looks like a daughter and father that are not getting along…

(REUTERS/Yuri Gripas) via Daily Caller

In Due Time

There is little doubt the alleged affair will be addressed at some point by both the President and First Lady.

However, since it is a pending court case, it is doubtful we will hear anything notable from either of them on this matter for some time.

While Melania has obviously been trying to stay out of the public eye, she clearly still supports her husband and our president.

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It is time for the media to concentrate on the issues at hand instead of acting like TMZ.

Hopefully, now that the President and Melania appeared in public together, we can put these rumors to rest, at least for a little while, and concentrate on the real issues facing this country.

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