Crash scene photos and dashcam footage of Paul Pelosi DUI incident released after sentencing

It was on the night of May 28 that Paul Pelosi, husband to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was arrested for driving under the influence after he was involved in a car accident with another vehicle.

Pelosi faced sentencing Tuesday for a DUI charge, after which the California Highway Patrol released photos from the scene and dashcam footage of the aftermath that showed a clearly intoxicated Pelosi failing to successfully complete various field sobriety tests, the Daily Caller reported.

The dashcam footage and photos revealed both that Pelosi was drunker and the wreck more significant than initial media reports had suggested.

An obviously drunk Pelosi failed the field sobriety tests

TMZ was the first to obtain the photos and video, and those photos showed that both Pelosi’s Porsche and the other man’s Jeep were likely totaled after hitting each other and then crashing through a wooden fence alongside a vineyard.

The damage to the rear end of the Porsche and front of the Jeep were consistent with initial reports that the Jeep had hit the Porsche, but is also likely to indicate that a drunk Pelosi had pulled out in front of the other driver and caused the wreck.

As for the dashcam footage, it showed an obviously intoxicated Pelosi attempting to perform various field sobriety tests instead of blowing into a breathalyzer machine but being utterly incapable of maintaining his balance without holding onto the police car for support.

Indeed, the officer overseeing the attempted field sobriety tests repeatedly expressed his concern that Pelosi might fall and injure himself if he persisted.

Sentence handed down

The Daily Wire reported that Pelosi, who later registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.082 percent, had been charged with one count of DUI causing injury after the driver of the Jeep, identified as Jesus Lopez, complained of suffering pain in his right arm, shoulder, and neck, in addition to suffering severe headaches, in the days after the accident.

Pelosi was sentenced Tuesday to five days in jail — all of which were waived in lieu of time served, good behavior, and completion of an eight-hour work program — plus three years of probation, a three-month DUI class, and thousands of dollars in fines and restitution.

He was also ordered to have a breathalyzer ignition lock device installed on his vehicle that would prevent it from starting unless he registered below the maximum acceptable level of 0.08 percent BAC.

In all, the photos and videos and even the sentence handed down all reveal that this incident was much worse and more substantial than initial reports had suggested.

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