Photos of cocaine found in White House finally released to public

November 14, 2023
Ben Marquis

President Joe Biden's White House was embroiled in a scandal over the summer following the discovery of a baggie of cocaine inside the White House.

Now several months later, photos of the illicit drugs found inside a small storage locker near the Situation Room have finally been publicly released, according to the Washington Examiner.

However, there is still no word on who was responsible for bringing the illegal intoxicating substance into the purportedly highly secured White House and then leaving it there to be found later by U.S. Secret Service agents.

Photos of cocaine baggie revealed

In an exclusive report, the Daily Mail reported that it had received a response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed with the Secret Service and obtained relevant documents and photos in connection with the July 2 cocaine discovery incident at the White House.

That discovery of an unknown white powdery substance had initially prompted an evacuation of the White House until it was determined via tests that the powder in the small baggie was, in fact, cocaine.

It had been found in a small locker typically used by guests and visitors to the West Wing of the White House to store personal items.

Documents reveal limited extent of investigation

According to the documents obtained by the Daily Mail, an investigation involving the Secret Service and the FBI, including the Bureau's Deputy Director Paul Abbate, was triggered but was ultimately concluded after just 11 days due to a supposed "lack of evidence."

Indeed, it was reported that security camera footage failed to capture or identify the culprit, nor were any DNA evidence or fingerprints recovered from the small plastic bag, and investigators failed to narrow down a list of around 500 possible suspects.

The investigation's documents also seemed to reveal an awareness of the great interest in the matter by the media and general public, as well as some infighting between the different agencies involved in the probe.

White House insists Biden family members not responsible

Given his extensive and well-documented history of drug abuse, particularly involving cocaine, Hunter Biden was immediately pointed to by many as the likely culprit who brought cocaine into the White House, as was, to a lesser extent, Ashley Biden, who had also been previously exposed as an alleged user of cocaine.

However, as was repeatedly stressed by the White House, no members of the Biden family had been at the White House when the cocaine was discovered since they were all instead at Camp David in Maryland for the extended holiday weekend to celebrate Independence Day.

In fact, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lost her cool on multiple occasions in pushing back against the allegations that Hunter or some other member of the Biden family had been responsible for bringing the illicit drugs into the White House.

In the end, it was surmised that the cocaine most likely belonged to an unknown guest or visitor -- or perhaps even a construction worker, as the Situation Room was undergoing renovations at that time -- and that individual will probably never be held accountable in light of the fact that the Secret Service and FBI declined to pursue the investigation any further.

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