Photo released of Donald Trump sitting in Winston Churchill’s chair

Sarah Sanders surely had no idea the chain of events she would set off with a simple tweet.

While visiting with the British Prime Minister, Trump was invited to sit in Winston Churchill’s chair, so Sanders captured the moment for posterity…


As often happened with liberals these days, the simple gesture started a long chain of hostile comments.

Some comments were innocent enough, calling the picture the “top five worst photos I’ve ever seen.”

Others, however, took the photo much more personally.

One Twitter user stated, “From one racist piece of s*** to something even worse.”

A young “lady” wished some rather disturbing torture on the President while also referring to him as a Nazi.

If you read all of their comments, you would have thought a horrific international incident had just taken place rather than the President simply sitting in a chair.

Par for the Course

Thus far, not much good press has come Trump’s way during this visit.

The President was also called out for walking in front of the Queen (how dare he!).

There was actually more mainstream media coverage of that single event yesterday than anything else that happened in or around the world.

The press even took a brief respite over border issues to rip Trump for daring to put the Queen on his heels.

Mind you, this is just a normal woman who is nothing more than figurehead, yet they expect Trump to literally bow down to her.

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If we have learned anything during Trump’s first year in office, it is that he refuses to give even an inch to other elected (and some not elected) officials from other countries.

The President has several more days abroad before returning home, so you can expect more liberal outrage the next time he dares to color outside the lines.

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