Photo of Kim Jong Un’s letter to Trump released

Kim Jong-Un is circling the wagons to make sure the summit with Trump happens.

After Trump broke the news of the summit being called off, the North Korean leader wrote a personal note to the President and had it hand delivered to him…

Personal Feelings Aside

President Trump takes a lot of flack simply for not being liked.

People are unable to put their personal feelings aside and actually look at his accomplishments in office.

If they managed to act like adults, they would see the amazing accomplishments of this administration in such a short period of time.

Foreign Policy Victory

This little feud with North Korea may end up being the legacy of Trump.

While many of his critics challenged him for going toe-to-toe with Kim, Trump actually broke him.

There is literally no way China would ever back North Korea if they started a war with the United States or one of its allies.

China actually came out and said exactly that when this feud started.

The moment China did that, Kim knew he was on thin ice and backed down.

Now, he is literally begging Trump to come to the table for this summit.

If Trump and Kim are able to come to terms at the summit and denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, it will be monumental.

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Forget it being Trump’s legacy, it will be one of the greatest accomplishments by any sitting president in modern history.

And that will be one headline the liberals will not be able to twist into something negative, no matter how hard they try.

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