Photo of Hillary Clinton shows something protruding from her back

Something is oddly wrong with Hillary these days, and it did not take very long for people to pick up on it.

During a recent outing, a large protrusion from Hillary’s back was noticed, with amateur sleuths speculating she may now be wearing some sort of back brace…

With the weather being what it was, everyone is very much right to wonder why Hillary was so bundled up and exactly what that protrusion on her back really was.

There are really only two options here:

Option 1: Back Brace

With all the medical problems Hillary has been having, the speculation that she is wearing some type of back brace is very real.

She has recently been seen wearing a cast on her wrist, so there is a very good chance she took another bad fall.

If that happened, it is not out of the realm that she hurt her back in the process.

Of course, we will never know if this is the case because Hillary doesn’t want anyone to know about her health.

Option 2: Bullet Proof Vest

Today’s political climate has made public appearances very dangerous for any political figure.

The random shooting during the congressional softball game is proof of that.

And let’s face facts, Hillary has not exactly endeared herself to very many people.

It is not exactly reaching to say someone might want to take a shot at her.

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From what we can tell, though, it would appear that option one is the more likely case here.

During yet another recent appearance, Hillary was sitting noticeably upright, so the lean here is that she is wearing some type of brace for a back problem.

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