Philippines mayor shot dead by sniper

If you want to know what happens when you have unsecured borders and allow gangs to take over, look no further than what happened in the Philippines this weekend.

Known for parading drug offenders in public, Philippines mayor Antonio Halili was assassinated on Monday morning by a sniper.

Public Assassination

Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili was considered “controversial” because he loved a good perp walk.

Halili was known for parading criminals arrested for drug charges in front of the entire city.

As we all know, drug traffickers in these types of cities do not take kindly to anyone getting in the way of their business.

The mayor’s reputation no doubt led to the successful attempt on his life.

Halili was attending a flag raising ceremony Monday morning, when a single shot rang out.

The mayor immediately fell to the ground while everyone else fled the scene.

According to witnesses, the shot hit him in the chest.

Halili was taken to a local hospital, where he was officially pronounced dead less than an hour after the shooting.

Duterte of Batangas

In 2014, Halili started a massive anti-drug campaign.

He strongly identified with President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, actually calling himself “Duterte of Batangas.”

While taking this stance, it was recently revealed Hilali himself was under investigation for links to local drug operations.

The Philippines News Agency had reported Hilali had actually lost his supervision over the local police department.

A statement by Philippine authorities makes it quite apparent Halili was not exactly living up to his self-proclaimed title.

“While we did not agree with Mayor Halili’s method of dealing with crime and illegal drugs in his city, his murder is condemnable.”

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The statement continued, “He may have deprived many Tanauan residents of due process but that doesn’t mean he should be deprived too.”

Halili’s murder is still under investigation, but we would expect more details to come to light in the very near future.

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