Philadelphia reverend praises Trump’s economic policies

Democrats and their media allies have long smeared President Donald Trump as a racist in an attempt to stymie his appeal among black voters. This has continued even as a number of Trump’s initiatives and policies, some aimed directly at the black community, have been indisputably successful — and now, one prominent religious leader is speaking out.

Rev. Todd Johnson of Philadelphia praised the president Saturday in an appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, where he suggested that Trump is gaining support among black voters while support for the Democratic Party among the African American community has diminished.

Trump’s impact

Speaking with Fox host Pete Hegseth, Rev. Johnson of First Immanuel Baptist Church in Philadelphia said that Trump has successfully changed his city for the better with his policies, including via Opportunity Zones that are designed to spur economic growth in historically underserved areas by way of tax benefits and incentives.

“The impact has been, over the last year, you can see that the community has been transformed,” Johnson said. “You’re starting to see more people actually going to work in the morning, you’re starting to see less people on the streets at inopportune times, I should say.”

He went on to say the Opportunity Zone program “is working because it’s not a government program but it’s giving people access to capitalism, and capitalism is what lifts the tide.”

“You know, the high tide lifts all boats, and so I’m excited about what is going in our inner cities, and I just hope President Trump gets four more years to be able to enact that,” the reverend added.

Transforming the community

Hegseth went on to ask the reverend if he has noticed any shift in the lives and views of his congregation with regard to the president. Johnson replied in the affirmative.

“Some who were hardcore Democrats are not quite as hardcore now, and then there are some who are leaving the Democratic Party in Philadelphia, not just in my congregation but in Philadelphia at large,” Johnson said of the members of his church.

He went on: “We would like to see the numbers increase more, but…I’m hopeful that by the time the election rolls around in November that we will see more people leaving the Democratic Party and giving President Trump and the Republican Party a chance.”

Dems pander, Trump gets results

At another point in the interview, Rev. Johnson called out Dems for only pandering to the black community when it comes time for elections and decried the smear campaign against Trump and Republicans, which he labeled as “hate-mongering and fear-mongering” that is, in his view, “not productive.”

While Rev. Johnson and what he had to say about his Philadelphia congregation is anecdotal, it nonetheless offers a glimpse at the strides the president is making among the black community.

As the reverend noted, a high tide lifts all boats — and if his congregation is any example, that high tide of capitalism brought about by President Trump’s economic policies is working wonders. That’s good news for the president as he looks to November.

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