Pfizer Exec Warned of COVID Vax’s Impact on Women’s Reproductive Health

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Pfizer executive who already is famous for claiming that his company was mutating the COVID-19 virus so that it could continue selling new vaccinations – a “cash cow” – also claimed the mRNA shots were affecting women’s reproductive health.

“There is something irregular about the menstrual cycles. So, people will have to investigate that down the line,” said Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer’s director of research and development, strategic operations.

He said, “The [COVID] vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that [menstrual cycles]. So, we don’t know.”

The comments came in another video released by Project Veritas, which does undercover interviews.

He continued, “I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body and like – because it has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles. I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line.”

He noted, “If something were to happen downstream and it was, like, really bad? I mean, the scale of that scandal would be enormous.”

Project Veritas reported, “The Pfizer director appears to be worried that over time, more information may become known about the COVID vaccine’s potential side effects.”

WND earlier reported on Walker’s comments about mutating the virus, and the fact that a medical expert warned if that was happening, it could be considered domestic terrorism.

Walker later denied the comments, and an expert in medicine says it’s not likely the company was doing what he claimed.

It was just the News that interviewed Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus at the Yale School of Public Health.

“If they were to do that, the vaccine would only be useful if the virus that they’re inventing actually got out into the population,” he said on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show.

“That would be an act of domestic terrorism if that happened. So they’re probably not doing that. We hope they’re not doing that. But that’s the concern.”
P>Risch said he doubts Walker’s claims.

“My first reaction is that in what he’s talking about, he’s an amateur and he doesn’t have a depth of knowledge about the nature of how these viruses are propagated.

“There’s a very, very deep extensive field of neurology, and he’s talking about his superficial concepts of how he thinks the overall picture is organized for working with these viruses. But it is much more involved than that. There’s a lot of other techniques that go into propagating these viruses.”

WND reported not only on the video but on the decision by Big Tech to suppress information about it.

A new whistleblower leak to PV showed exactly how YouTube, owned by Google, restricted the ability of people to see the undercover videos — using the claim of “COVID vaccine misinformation.”

Project Veritas had exposed Walker, who revealed in a secretly taped video conversation that his corporation was exploring intentionally creating mutations of the COVID virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”

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