Petition suggests significant support for Fani Willis' disqualification from Trump election case

By Sarah May on
 April 7, 2024

Though a Georgia judge recently ruled that the embattled Fulton County district attorney could continue to lead the prosecution of former President Donald Trump on election interference charges, it appears that a large segment of the population would prefer a different outcome.

As Newsweek reports, a petition in support of Fani Willis' disqualification from the case has amassed over 43,000 signatures, and it could well be that her professional fate is far from settled.

Petition seeks removal

The outlet noted that, as of Friday, a petition initiated by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is a mere 7,000 shy of its stated goal of 50,000.

The ACLJ is a noted Christian-based, conservative legal advocacy group, and its leaders are committed to the cause of facilitating Willis' removal from the Trump case amid concerns over her conduct with regard to a personal relationship she had with former special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

The organization has also leveled accusations about what it believes are the political motivations behind the prosecution and has continued to take steps designed to secure what it believes is justice for Trump and his co-defendants.

Though Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee recently ruled that Willis could remain on the case, provided Wade stepped down, the ACLJ remains dissatisfied with the result.

“Now the case is being appealed, and we're taking action. Our senior legal team –including our own former GA prosecutor – is filing a critical amicus brief urging the Georgia Court of Appeals to hear this vital case and disqualify DA Willis,” the group explained in the aforementioned petition.

Trump appeal initiated

It was late last month that Trump and eight of his co-defendants in the election interference case formally appealed McAfee's order leaving Willis in place, as Fox News notes.

Attorneys contended that the decision regarding Wade and Willis stopped short of providing sufficient relief and that the disqualification of the district attorney was the appropriate remedy.

Trump attorney Steve Sadow explained, “While the trial court factually found D.A. Willis' out-of-court statements were improper, and Defendants proved an apparent conflict of interest, the trial court erred as a matter of law by not requiring dismissal and D.A. Willis' disqualification.”

“This legal error requires the Court's immediate review,” he added.

Professional consequences sought

The ACLJ is not the only conservative organization taking aim at Willis, however, with Newsweek noting last month that the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) asked the State Bar of Georgia to initiate an investigation into Willis for allegedly admitting to the retention of campaign funds for personal use.

The AAF also requested a similar probe and/or disciplinary action against Wade over his entanglement with Willis, arguing that he committed perjury during a hearing on the D.A.'s potential disqualification.

Whether Willis will ultimately be disqualified from the Trump case and what, if any, professional sanctions she and Wade may receive, however, only time will tell.

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