‘Do your job’: Michigan Democrat met by pro-Trump protesters urging him to confirm Barrett

While Senate Democrats have been in near lockstep regarding their opposition to GOP efforts to confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett during President Donald Trump’s first term, many of their constituents are urging them to reconsider.

In one recent example, Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) was greeted with a chorus of “fill that seat” when a group of demonstrators showed up near his office, as reported by Breitbart.

“Do your job”

While senators who are not facing re-election or represent solidly blue states might have the luxury of remaining committed to the party line, vulnerable officials in battleground states — such as Peters — are facing notable pressure.

That was clear when several dozen locals gathered in Oakland County on Tuesday, as seen in video clips posted to social media and shared by Breitbart.

One of the videos was tweeted by Christ Gustafson, the press secretary of Trump Victory Michigan. The footage shows protesters repeating the chant as many participants waved flags or held signs supporting the president and GOP Senate candidate John James.

The pro-Trump organization’s deputy state director also shared a video along with a clear demand for Peters.

“A large crowd has taken over [Peters’] office in Oakland County this morning to demand he fulfill his obligation to Michigan and confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court,” Drew Thompson wrote. “Do your job Gary!”

“Fill that seat”

Recent polling shows the incumbent retains a consistent lead over his GOP challenger. The RealClearPolitics average shows Peters’ advantage stands at just 3.8 points — a far cry from the 13.2-point lead he had in 2014.

His current lead is also substantially lower than the nearly 11-point lead he had over James at the end of June, and the race has since been listed as a toss-up. Meshawn Maddock, a co-founder of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, said the pro-Trump demonstration is a sign of widespread support for the president across the state.

While Jill Biden quietly meets with a small crowd of low energy supporters in Michigan today, over 80 people show up with 24 hours notice to demand that Senator Peters do his job and fill that seat,” Maddock told Breitbart.

Whether Peters or any of his other Democratic colleagues actually listen to their constituents and vote to confirm Barrett remains to be seen, but the GOP majority appears to be sufficient to confirm Barrett even without support from across the aisle.

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