South African lawyer Pete Mihalik’s son hospitalized after father’s assassination

After seeing his father assassinated right in front of him, a young man found himself in for the fight of his life.

The son of Cape Town, South Africa-based lawyer Pete Mihalik was also hit during the recent slaying of his father, but he is said to be doing well in the hospital.

The mayor’s daughter was not hurt.

The Assassination

The Cape Town lawyer found himself the target of two assassins as he was coming to pick up his children from school.

Just as the lawyer was approaching the school, his assassins unleashed a hail of bullets on the car.

Mahalik was shot and killed, and his son was also struck.

Two men were arrested after the assassination.

Sizwe Sinzokohle Biyela and Mkosinathi Khumalo appeared in court on Thursday to face charges.

Dangerous Times

It is hard to remember a more dangerous time to be a political official.

Throughout the world, we have seen assassinations of leaders who represent anti-crime and anti-corruption agendas.

That mindset has started to work its way into our own country.

Sadly, this is similar to the type of attitude that our own Democrat representatives have encouraged.

We have seen people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encourage people to confront conservative representatives in public.

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Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has also called on people to be uncivil until the Democrats can once again regain power.

Murder and harassment have become yet another tool to be used by radical liberals in this country and throughout the world.

What a shame.

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