PETA ‘tribute’ portrait of Dr. Fauci using mosaic of dog and monkey test subjects resurfaces after resignation announcement

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, announced Monday that he would resign from his multiple government jobs in December, and millions of Americans who opposed his heavy-handed and restrictive response to the coronavirus pandemic let out a cheer.

Also undoubtedly celebrating Fauci’s impending resignation was the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization, which had previously issued a shocking “tribute” to Fauci’s ties to cruel and inhumane scientific experimentation on helpless animals like dogs and monkeys, per a Breitbart report from February.

Fauci, his NIAID, and the parent organization National Institutes of Health, have been exposed over the past year for providing taxpayer-funded grants to finance questionable experiments on animals that were known to cause or result in significant harm or death for the test subjects.

An “accurate reflection of Fauci’s legacy”

The February “tribute” to Dr. Fauci from PETA appeared at a glance to simply be a portrait of the long-serving bureaucrat, but a closer inspection of Fauci’s likeness revealed that it was actually a photomosaic comprised of numerous smaller photos of dogs and monkeys that had been harmed or killed in dubious scientific experiments at taxpayer expense.

“No one likes Anthony Fauci more than Anthony Fauci,” PETA said in a news release at that time. “A recent peek inside the world headquarters of the Anthony Fauci Fan Club — his home office — proves it.”

“His walls, festooned in various shades of Anthony Fauci, including a life-size portrait and his own bobblehead, indicate that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) really likes images of himself,” the group added in reference to what had been observed of Fauci’s own self-aggrandizing home office decor in a 2021 documentary.

The group added, “So PETA has created the newest addition to his collection of Fauci memorabilia: a mosaic portrait made of hundreds of tiny photographs of the monkeys and beagles he and NIAID have tormented and killed in cruel experiments.”

That February news release from PETA also included a statement from Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo, who said, “If Anthony Fauci is going to surround himself with images of himself, they may as well be accurate,” and added, “Fauci has overseen the torment and death of countless animals in colossally ridiculous, wasteful experiments that help no one but kill animals by the score. He should be reminded of that constantly.”

GOP still intends to investigate Fauci after resignation

As for Dr. Fauci’s more immediate announced plan to resign in December, The Hill reported that congressional Republicans were quick to make it clear that Fauci’s imminent exit from government service would not spare him from GOP plans to fully investigate the highly-paid bureaucrat and hold him accountable for his questionable actions and guidance during the pandemic.

Top Republicans in both the House and Senate issued a barrage of statements that indicated that, contingent upon the GOP regaining control of one or both legislative chambers in the November elections, Dr. Fauci would be a primary subject and target of multiple committee investigations in the coming year.

Dr. Fauci’s resignation can’t come too soon for millions of Americans across the ideological spectrum, and you know things must be really bad when you have the predominately leftist PETA standing alongside congressional Republicans in shared opposition to arguably the most powerful and influential unelected bureaucrat in the nation’s history.

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