Rick Perry says Biden has already surpassed Carter as the ‘most incompetent’ president ever

For the past four decades, former President Jimmy Carter has been deemed the worst president ever and the minimum standard by which all successive presidents have been measured.

According to a Fox News op-ed by former Energy Secretary and Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), President Joe Biden has already surpassed Carter in terms of being “the most incompetent steward of the American economy.”

Perry keyed in on Biden’s domestic energy policies as being the primary underlying factor that has exacerbated certain problems at home and abroad into major crises, including the economy and inflation as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resultant instability of Europe, among other things.

Similarities abound between Carter and Biden

The former Energy Secretary and Texas governor recalled the defining characteristics of Carter’s presidency — gas lines, inflation, and Russian aggression — which Carter had called not a decline but a temporary “malaise,” and asserted that Biden had borrowed from and doubled down on his predecessor’s “playbook.”

“Excessive spending and anti-supply-side policies have contributed to the worst inflation since the Carter era,” Perry wrote. He further noted that Russia had invaded another neighbor — Ukraine instead of Afghanistan this time, ironically due in part to Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“And, of course, we have disastrous energy policies reminiscent of the Carter era, leading to record high prices at the pump and a major missed opportunity to bring stability to Europe,” he continued.

Energy security is national security

Perry went to lament the anti-domestic energy production policies of Biden and his fellow liberals and how neglecting or refusing to develop and use our own energy resources threatened national security and both emboldened and empowered enemies and rivals like Russia and Iran.

He also decried as foolish Biden’s short-sighted “band-aid” to address rising gas prices by releasing millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that is supposed to be held back for times of major emergencies like natural disasters or other market disruptions, not squandered in a futile effort at “price-fixing” to appease voters.

Perry also pointed to the numerous proposed tax hikes put forward by Biden and congressional Democrats — particularly those aimed directly at the energy industry — and said the impact of those additional taxes would be “disastrous” on top of the current situation.

Biden is “on track” to repeat Carter’s “blunder”

“President Carter assumed office during a difficult period for the American economy, and his policies led to further difficulties for Americans and created a period of economic recession,” Perry wrote. “Biden is now on track to repeat this blunder, and his repeated misunderstanding of energy is the driving factor.”

“President Biden should recognize the crisis facing the American economy and simply get out of the way and let American energy provide relief for the American people,” he concluded.

We wholeheartedly agree and hope that, much in the same way that Carter’s folly led to a swift change in course and prosperity under former President Ronald Reagan, similar relief will ultimately come to the American people in just a couple of years.

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