Concealed carry permit holder shoots felon who threatened two people

Good guys with guns stop crimes… FACT.

Over the weekend, an armed felon threatened two men at their business, but one was a conceal carry permit holder and took the felon down.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Kevin Bruzos, a convicted felon, allegedly threatened a man at a local roofing business in Cape Coral, Florida, with a gun.

Bruzos reportedly left the business but returned to once again threaten the same man, and a second who had arrived.

The only problem for Bruzos was one of the men he was threatening was also armed.

The man pulled out his weapon and ordered Bruzos to drop his gun.

Bruzos attempted to turn the gun on the armed citizen and got shot for his trouble.

The police have already ruled the shooting was self defense and no charges will be filed against the good guy with the gun.

Armed Citizens

This is not the only report over the weekend of armed citizens making a difference.

On Sunday, there was yet another mass shooting attempt in Dallas at Fair Park.

A group of people were on the field playing football when the attack occurred.

The attacker drove onto the field with a gun and opened fire.

Fortunately, several of the people there were also armed, and opened up fire on the gunman.

In all, five people were shot, but it is unclear if the gunman was one of the wounded as of this reporting.

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The fact of the matter is evil is evil those people will always find a weapon of some sort to hurt innocent people.

However, as we are seeing more and more every day, good guys with guns are one of the best deterrents.

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