Dana Perino calls on White House official who wrote op-ed to resign

On Wednesday, The New York Times published an op-ed from an anonymous member of the Trump administration admitting there is a #esistancRe from within.

Fox News analyst Dana Perino has since called for that “self-indulgent” individual to resign.

The Resistance

The individual that wrote the op-ed has justified every conspiracy theory we have seen about the Trump administration.

For months, we have been discussing the leaks within the administration.

For months, we have been discussing a concentrated effort by someone Trump trusts to take him down.

The op-ed specifically stated they are “thwarting” the [resident’s efforts to make sure policies they do not agree with are not successful.

The problem, though, is the policies Trump is working to put in place are the policies he ran on.

These are the policies that the people who elected him into office are demanding he fulfills.

More importantly, this is an unelected official trying to circumvent the people of this country because this person feels he or she knows better than We the People.

Dana Demands Resignation

One cannot begin to describe the rage that boiled in the blood of conservatives reading every line of that op-ed.

The first thought that came to mind, however, was that this person needs to resign. Now.

Dana Perino had the same thought, calling the person “self-indulgent.”

She also said the individual has a “duty of conscience” to resign if he or she disagrees with the policies of this president.

The president himself responded to the op-ed and was obviously upset that someone in his own administration betrayed him in such a manner:

Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, also responded, making many of the same points as Perino:

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The op-ed comes on the tail end of excerpts being released from the new Bob Woodward novel that seems to portray the Trump White House as chaotic and out of control.

While the individual tries to portray him or herself as some type of savior, he or she has proven there is a definitive deep state in existence with the sole purpose of having Trump removed from the White House. And it has to stop.

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