Pentagon's fight with Tuberville could have deeper roots

October 7, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report on the U.S. military's demand that it make its own decisions – outside of Congress – regarding funding abortion for military members suggests the fight may have deeper roots.

An article posted online at the Center for Military Readiness suggests that it's because the Pentagon is moving toward the goal of making more of its own decisions – irrespective of congressional votes.

The fight right now is between the Pentagon, which has authorized travel and time allowances for military members who want to travel from one state to another to get an abortion and Sen. Tommy Tuberville.

The senator has put a hold on military promotions until that practice, which defies federal law limiting tax spending for abortion, is reversed.

The Senate still can, and has, voted on individual promotions, but it cannot do a single vote for all pending moves while Tuberville's hold exists.

The analysis noted, "America’s military strength does not depend on military women aborting their babies. And the Senate can confirm deserving nominees later if not sooner. So, what explains the relentless personal attacks on Sen. Tuberville?"

It goes on, "Consider this. If Secretary Austin can get away with subsidizing abortion travel without a vote of Congress, Pentagon ideologues and outside activists will not stop there. The same officials who have willingly enlisted in the administration's campaign for abortion on demand until birth are sure to expand 'access' to other controversial medical services, without a vote of Congress.

"At a Pentagon briefing, Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said, 'Access to reproductive care (meaning abortion) is ‘just something that we can’t compromise on.'' This reflected Secretary Austin’s October 2022 Memorandum, which used the key words 'access' or 'accessing reproductive health care' seven times on three pages," the analysis found.

Significant is the fact that besides abortion, the other priority agenda point for all of the Joe Biden administration is promoting transgenderism.

"DoD Instruction 1300.28, which expanded Defense Department regulations regarding transgender personnel, uses the word 'access' for what is called 'gender-affirming care' seventeen times on twenty-two pages," the analysis said. "A Trump Administration panel of experts assessing costs of transgender policies implemented under Barack Obama reported a 300% increase in medical costs for 994 active-duty service members diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Some commanders had to divert operational and maintenance funds to pay for active-duty servicemembers' travel throughout the United States to obtain specialized 'transition' treatments and surgeries."

The commentary noted, "It is easy to predict where the activists and highly paid Pentagon 'experts' are going with this. Unrestricted abortion travel subsidies are setting a new precedent for Pentagon policy-making without a vote of Congress. If Sen. Tuberville backs down on abortion subsidies, demands for free travel expenses and time off for military personnel seeking sex-denying treatments and surgeries for adults and dependent children will be next. The woke Biden administration has made it clear that 'access' in matters of civil rights allows nothing less."

In fact, the commentary noted that the DoD already is "quietly using" a funding program to reimburse "the travel expenses of parents seeking transgender treatments for their children."

It said, "The primary beneficiaries of these funds will be organizations like Planned Parenthood and medical facilities funded by the extremely wealthy J.B & M.K. Pritzker Foundation."

The attacks on Tuberville have exploded to the point where he's been accused of "aiding and abetting" a communist regime because of his opposition to tax funding for abortion.

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